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NetViewX is a tool to list the servers in a domain or workgroup.

It is a bit like the NT "net view /domain" command, but it allows you to list only servers with specific services, and it uses a list format that is easily parsable.

NetViewX is written by Jesper Lauritsen. The executable is in the public domain. Source code is not available.


 NetViewX takes the following arguments:

-D domain The domain to list. Default is the current domain. You can leave out the -D in front of the domain if you want to.
-T type...
The server/service types to match. Can be one or more of:
workstation Workstation service.
server Server service.
sqlserver Microsoft SQL Server.
domain_ctrl NT domain controller.
domain_bakctrl NT backup domain controller.
time_source Time source service.
afp Apple File Protocol servers.
novell Novell server.
domain_member LAN Manager 2.x domain member.
printq_server Server sharing print queue.
dialin_server RAS dial in service.
server_mfpn Microsoft File and Print for Netware
server_nt Windows NT non-DC server.
server_unix UNIX or XENIX server.
nt Windows NT (server or workstation).
wfw Windows for Workgroups or larger.
potential_browser Potential browser server.
backup_browser Backup browser server.
master_browser Master browser server.
domain_master Domain master browser server.
server_vms VMS server.
windows Windows 95 or larger.
dfs Root of a DFS tree.
cluster_nt Windows NT cluster
dce IBM DSS (Directory and Security Services) or equivalent.
alternate_xport Return list for alternate transport.
local_list_only Return local list only.
domain_enum List all domains (the name field will be the name of the domain and the comment field will be the name of the domain controller).
all List all servers.
The case of the letters do not matter and you can use dash (-) instead of underscore (_) in the type names. Default is all. You can leave out the -T in front of the types if you want to.
-O format
Selects the fields to list for the servers. The format should be a string of letters, where:
n Name of server.
m Major version number.
i Minor version number.
v Major and minor version.
p Platform ID.
t Server/service types.
C Server comment enclosed in quotes (").
c Server comment without quotes.
s Server type.
T Major service types in short form.
Default is nmipTC.
-t Separate the fields with tabs. Default is to separate the fields with comma (,).
-c x Separate the fields with the character x.
-C x Separate the server/service types with the character x. Default is to separate the types with %.
-x A shorthand for -Onsvtc -c " " -C " ".



List all servers in domain MYCORP:

netviewx mycorp

List all servers in the current domain running RAS:

netviewx dialin-server

List all servers in domain MYCORP running NT and sharing printers, using alternative list format:

netviewx mycorp nt printq-server -x

List all domains:

netviewx domain-enum

Download and installation

Download current version of NetViewX.

The NetViewX tool is distributed as a zip file containing NetViewX.exe (the tool) and NetViewX.htm (this page). You do not have to install the tool - simply run it from a command line.

You may also want to look at the other NT tools by Jesper.

Version history
0.5 New options: -D, -T, -O, -t, -c, -C and -x.
New server/service types: dfs, cluster_nt, dce, alternate_xport and local_list_only.
Note that this version is backward compatible with previous version both in the arguments it accepts and in the default list it produces.
0.4 Fixed error when listing very large domains.
0.3 Fixed error in domain_member.
Can now use NULL domain.
Better error messages.

last changed 20. juli 1999